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Incentive Token (KMT)

The incentive token has an unlimited supply, which can be earned by users in solo, event, background, and experience modes.

Minting mechanism

1. Basic rewards for running/walking.
2. Airdrop blind box rewards during running
3. Task rewards
4. Events rewards

Burning mechanism

1. Repair of sneakers
2. Upgrade of sneakers
3. Mint new sneakers
4. Participation in specific events

Governance Token (RUN)

Total: 7 billion

Consumption (burning)

Participation in governance
DAO community voting
Upgrade of sneakers

Token Distribution

All 5KM tokens will be used for the development of the entire Web3-based sports community, with a total circulation of 7 billion, and will never be issued additionally. 30% of the tokens will be distributed to users participating in sports and governance. 30% of the ecological fund will be used for airdrops and community incentives.

In order to ensure the healthy and long-term development of the overall token ecosystem, the RUNs released will be reduced by half every two years, or publicly burned every month.