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Quick Start


  1. Make sure you have a wallet plugin such as MetaMask installed in your browser. Or you already know how to use crypto wallet (ethereum).

  2. Download 5KM app from AppStore/Google Play.


  1. Open the official website, connect the wallet, you will see the APP binding button, click the button to show the QR code
  2. Scan the code with the APP to bind your wallet
  3. then choose your sneaker(if you have more than one sneakers NFT) to start running
  4. if you do not have sneakers, please mint Genesis Sneakers on the official website, limited to 5000 NFTs, first come first served
  5. if the official website sneakers have been sold out, please go to OpenSea and other markets to buy their own
  6. later we will launch the regular sneakers mint.