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Solo Mode

In solo mode, to earn tokens, users need to run/walk with NFTs of sneakers.

Specifically, the KMT is 0 by default when the user get a sneaker, and users can get KMT rewards by running/walking and consuming mileage values.

In solo mode, there are daily mileage value cap and daily rewards cap.

Definition of mileage value: 1 mileage value indicates 100 m run/walked.

The daily mileage value cap depends on the number of and rarity of the sneakers owned by users.

Users can buy more and rarer sneakers to increase the mileage value.

The basic mileage value is 5 by default, 500 m in distance. The maximum mileage value is 100, 10 km in distance.

The daily rewards cap is subject to the sneakers types, running mileage, etc.

For details, please refer to the introduction page of Sneakers.

The maximum initial reward is 200 KMTs.

The maximum daily reward is 5,000 KMTs and 200 RUNs, which can be increased by upgrading sneakers.