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Daily Cap

The daily mileage value cap is set, and users can increase the cap of the total mileage value by obtaining more sneakers.

The daily token rewards cap is set, and the initial token reward is 200 KMTs and the maximum is 5,000 KMTs and 200 RUNs.

Users can increase the cap of daily token rewards by upgrading their sneakers.

Definition of mileage value: 1 mileage value indicates 100 m run/walked.

The daily mileage value cap is related to the number of and rarity of the sneakers owned by users.

Users can buy more and rarer sneakers to increase the mileage value.

The basic mileage value is 5 by default, corresponding to 500 m. The maximum mileage value is 100, corresponding to 10 km.

The daily rewards cap is related to the type of sneakers, sneaker mileage value, etc. For details, please refer to the introduction page of Sneakers NFT.

Reward Calculation in Solo Mode

KMT rewards = Reward coefficient * Mileage value(Effective distance) * Reward per mileage value * System parameters + Random airdrop reward – Abnormal deduction

Reward coefficient

It is dynamically adjusted based on the default reward coefficient of sneakers.

The influencing factors mainly include the wear rate and level of sneakers, and other factors will be added in the future.

Effective distance

Effective Distance = GPS Physical Distance - Distance During Abnormal Conditions.

Abnormal situations include when the speed does not match the sneaker, when it is detected as suspected of cheating, and so on.

The mileage value consumption is based on the physical distance, and the reward calculation is based on the effective distance.

So: try to stay in the normal speed zone and don't try to cheat.

Reward per mileage

Related to sneaker type

Random airdrop reward

It may be KMT tokens, and the airdrop probability is related to the rarity and level of sneakers.

System parameters

They are global system parameters, and the default value is 1.

The value will be adjusted depending on the overall active status of the platform, and the long-term range will be gradually decreased.

Abnormal deduction

It is affected by GPS signals, network signals, etc.


Rewards in other modes are not affected by the daily cap for solo mode.

In task mode, the number of reward tokens for different tasks is officially defined and dynamically adjusted.

In event mode, the number of reward tokens is affected by multiple factors such as the event rule, threshold, and the number of participants of specific events.

In background mode, those who own sneakers but do not run are rewarded with a maximum of 25 KMTs per day, corresponding to the maximum 3,000 steps in mobile phone health data.

In experience mode, those who have no sneakers will be rewarded with a maximum of 10 KMTs per day.