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Anti-Cheating System

In order to protect the benefits of the vast majority of users, we will continue to crack down on cheating users through various means. Cheaters not only hurt other users' gains, but also run counter to our core concept of rewarding sportspersons.

Basic Technical Layer

Communication encryption and data encryption are adopted to prevent hackers from cracking.

Smart Detection

The mathematical model is trained with machine learning, deep learning and other methods to gradually improve the recognition accuracy of abnormal behaviors, such as tying a mobile phone to a pet.

At the same time, we will also develop a variety of detection models for different behaviors, covering various possible cheating methods, such as "carrying multiple mobile phones at the same time".

Product Strategy

Combined with the invitation mechanism and the punishment task mechanism, the strategic anti-cheat can greatly increase the cost of cheating, thereby reducing the motivation for cheating.

Other Measures

Anonymized public running data, such as GPS data and mobile phone sensor data is synchronized to a decentralized infrastructure for permanent storage (such as Arweave), and is subject to community inspection.


The discovery of cheating will seriously affect the reward coefficient of sneaker, and the cheater will be punished by KMT.