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Ecological Fund

5KM has established a foundation in Singapore as the main body of the project, which is responsible for operating the 5KM community in a fair, just and transparent manner.

The foundation's 2% of the market transaction fee is used as the management fee for the team's R&D and operation, and no less than 5% of the transaction fee is returned to the 5KM ecosystem in form of airdrops or rewards.

Other taxes and fees collected will be included in the fund management pool, and their distribution will be voted on by the community DAO.


5KM is managed by DAO, which means that the community has absolute governance rights, and members can stake RUNs through voting and other means.


Users can obtain higher voting weight by staking RUNs.

Voting Weight

Lockup TimeWeight
1 month1
3 month3
6 month6
1 year12
2 year24
3 year48

Public Welfare

The 5KM foundation, in cooperation with the ETH Zurich Foundation, Switzerland, makes irregular donations to curb global warming.

User Donations (in development)

The 5KM foundation is committed to improving the global climate ecosystem, in cooperation with related global climate governance institutions.

Users are free to donate their personal KMT income to related institutions.